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Where Does Your Donation Go?


SAFE Carnarvon’s intake of our furry friends can be in its 100s over a year. If we are full we don’t euthanise we rehome to other rescues in Perth who generously take them on for us.

So where does your donation go?

In the last couple of months, we have had two dogs that have had to have a leg amputated (who have now been adopted) & during the same time as the amputations we had seven cases of the parvo virus with three surviving. The vet bills for these procedures can be astonishingly high & as SAFE Carnarvon like all rescues are non-for profit we can struggle to find the money to pay these bills.

Your kind donation no matter how big or small it is makes a difference so dogs like these can get the treatment that they need & then given a second chance of having a new life with a wonderful loving new owner.

Here is Peggie who sadly suffered from a birth defect. The decision was made to amputate her leg. It didn’t affect her at all & she was running around like a mad hatter the day after surgery.

Peggie has been adopted to a lovely lady in Victoria & as they say it’s a match made in heaven.

If you would like to privately donate to SAFE Carnarvon our details are

BSB 066531 ACC 10335694.

You can send an email to carnarvon@safe.asn.au to let us know you have donated privately & a receipt will be issued to claim back on tax.

Sue Williams