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As the proud mother of rescue fur babies, I wanted to help make a difference in the lives of animals in need. Having adopted my two chihuahua mixes, Lolly and Dinky from SAFE, the not for profit was the perfect fit.

SAFE or Saving Animals from Euthanasia is WA's largest animal rescue and rehoming organisation using the foster care model. The organisation started in Karratha, Western Australia in 2003, to address the lack of animal rescue services for cats and dogs. During this time a large number were euthanised, as there was no organisation to facilitate their rescue and rehoming.  

The organisation believes in zero euthanasia for rehomable pets and a good quality of life for companion animals. Homeless pets are saved from unnecessary euthanasia by fostering, desexing and permanently rehoming them. They work towards reducing the overpopulation of pets by promoting responsible pet ownership and pet desexing.  

Adopting a fur baby from an organisation such as SAFE will not only rescue their life, it will rescue yours. On your darkest day, they will put a smile on your face. They are your biggest motivator and best companion. 

If you are looking for unconditional love...

Adopt Don't Shop